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Common Sense Cycling


Common Sense CyclingMany bodybuilders, especially the ones that would like to start using anabolic androgenic steroids, ask themselves which steroids are the best for their purposes. I’m running discussion forums for a long time. And I see the same questions over and over again. Luckily science helps us a bit. Steroids where studied in the time of HIV and later for HRT (hormone Replacement Therapy) and male anti-conception.

Most authorities are developing a broader view and just accept that many young people use a lot of drugs. Recreative drugs but also drugs to improve their looks. They grew up in a society that accepted plastic surgery, fake boobs, “speed” - “crystal-meth” – XTC and especially marihuana, as normal. Authorities discovered that just banning it, clogged the justice system and prisons. And it is just useless. Social media shows what’s going on on the other side of the world. And ordering illegal substances is just a mouse-click away. That’s why now they opt for information and research, esp. in the Baltic countries and central Europe.


What does science tells us? One of the most interesting studies was the one that was performed on humans. Thus there was no need to question if these results were valid in humans, since most research is done on rodents or monkeys.

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